I am a graduate of the University of Enviromental and Life Sciences. I specialize in the fields of technology Fermentation, Microbiology, practical Oenology. I possess invaluable and specialist the knowledge of pruning vine plants as well as lesser extent with the cultivation and care of grapevine. From the beginning of my technological career I took interest in beer. I have studied it in Wales University, apprenticed in several countries abroad, for brewing technology and tasting, whose habits I have moved to the world of wine. With these skills, wine and oenology has been become my soul, until today.

A few years ago I tried to combine both passions and already I started working in the vineyards. My knowledge has been become more extensive, and is extremely diverse.

I am a flexible person, who sets his professional goals and by determination in consistent following goals and ability to work in new conditions. I am very active and diligent; I have lots of ideas; and I am always kind and friendly towards other people. I am always happy to share my time and experience with others. I show extensive knowledge in the scope of biotechnology. I prove solid and professional approach and preparation to carried out tasks. I am efficient, creative and able to accurately pass any remarks on given assignments.

I am convinced that my commitment to improve technological of quality of the vineyard.